Veterinary Care Management

Animal welfare is key to compliance.

For facilities housing thousands of animals and multiple species, animal record management can become complicated and time-consuming for veterinary care staff. Remain within federal regulations to further your research with well-organized and ongoing animal care.

Run more efficiently with eSirius for Veterinary Care Management.

eSirius software effortlessly manages the clinical veterinary care workflow for animal facilities, providing greater visibility into animal health, automating treatment plans, and scheduling facility staff. The result is a higher quality of care that’s accurate and easy to report on when it comes to facility audits and inspections.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.

Benefits of eSirius for Veterinary Care Management

Greater Process Efficiency

Running a facility is equivalent to running a business, and just like any other successful organization, your facility requires standard processes to be productive. Improve your veterinary care process with easier creation and management of treatment plans for individual laboratory animals, groups of animals, and entire rooms.

General or species-specific treatment templates provide consistency in animal care.  Automatic activity recurrences and service charges for completed activities free up staff to focus on what matters most – your care of animals.    

Overall Visibility of Animal Health

A delay in receiving critical information about animal welfare poses great risk to a research organization. Instant access to health data on both the individual animal and facility-wide level alleviates this concern. Real-time cage side observations and incident reporting are just a few eSirius features that give veterinarians the details they need to quickly and effectively care for animals.

Alignment of Lab Animal Community

The relay of time-sensitive information requires that facility staff are in sync – veterinarians, research staff, husbandry staff, and health technicians. eSirius makes input of observations and incidents quick and simple, and automatically sends pertinent information to the attending veterinarian staff for their immediate review. Scheduling tools and an online calendar make it easy to assign treatment activities.

Improved Compliance

An optional audit-trailing feature, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, keeps historical health records and electronic signatures on each animal, for convenient reporting when it comes to audits and inspections. Integration with the eSirius Animal Inventory application provides protocol and census data.

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