NTM Unveils Revolutionary Tool to Help Animal Facilities Optimize Their Resource Scheduling

Fremont, CA, September 15, 2017

RS Bubble.jpg

NTM Consulting Services, Inc. (NTM) is releasing the latest addition to the eSirius3G application suite, Resource Scheduling. This revolutionary new application automates the scheduling of existing resources in Animal Facilities, and forecasts future resource requirements based on trends and projections for staffing needs and animal populations.


Industry demand was the catalyst for the development of the application, including four exisitng customers who have been actively involved in its design and development.

Resource Scheduling was designed with the Facility Schedulers in mind, with many benefits such as saved time through the elimination of manual scheduling, and better animal care. "With eSirius Resource Scheduling, we have developed a powerful yet simple tool to solve a very complex manual scheduling process." said Naji Mourad, NTM President and CTO.

A sleek and modern application, Resource Scheduling features the ability to make quick adjustments to daily events like PTO, call-outs and overtime; easy access to the entire resource pool and corresponding availability; activity tracking for husbandry, transportation, sanitation, and more; and the ability to manage drastic shifts in resources due to holidays or emergencies.

Resource Scheduling integrates seamlessly with all eSirius3G applications and is configurable to the needs of any research organization. The Fall 2017 AALAS National Meeting will mark the debut of this anticipated application to the Life Sciences industry.