IACUC Protocol Management

Program compliance is your number one priority.

But ensuring your laboratory animal research protocols adhere to established IACUC regulations requires substantial time and effort from your entire research enterprise community. The protocol review process is extensive and collaboration between administrators, research staff, and committee members is needed to gain approval.

eSirius IACUC software removes the complexity from IACUC protocol creation and management.

The software efficiently manages a protocol’s entire lifecycle from authorship to end of study – lessening turnaround times, improving internal communications, and reducing the risk of noncompliance for your research organization.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.

Benefits of eSirius for IACUC Protocol Management

Improved Protocol Compliance

Your priority is our priority. Keeping you in compliance is the primary goal of eSirius software. All our applications have built-in industry components like compliance and protocol workflows, agenda management, committee meetings, and document reviews.

With IACUC-specific features such as filter-driven USDA and AAALAC reports, automatic reminders and dashboards for continuations and De Novo reviews, as well as seamless integration with the eSirius IBC and Animal Facility software applications, you’ll help ensure protocols are always compliant with your IACUC regulations.

Transparency for Researchers

Empower researchers to do their best work with Life Science-specific software that increases end-user satisfaction, productivity, and longevity.  

Homepage dashboards display all critical workflow information, giving researchers the status of their protocols at any time, and on-demand searches and reports make finding information fast and painless. Communication tools provide peer feedback and quick answers to questions.

Shorter Protocol Approval Time

Every IACUC protocol follows a comprehensive process for creation, submission, review, and approval, and you’re likely managing multiple protocols at once. Speed up turnaround times with high-performing protocol management software.

Document version control and track changes features provide instantaneous access to the latest version of each protocol, while the online meeting agenda makes editing, previewing, and reviewing easy. eSirius supports multiple independent IACUCs within the same organization.

Modern User Experience

Top PI talent expects the latest in technology to do their best work. All eSirius research management software applications have an intuitive and sleek user experience and a shared portal. Research staff and key stakeholders can all log onto the same system and work simultaneously.

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