Solving the Pain of Facility Scheduling: A New, Automated Application

November 1, 2017

Over the last several years, it has become abundantly clear that one of the major pain points for the management of animal facilities is managing resources effectively and efficiently. We began interviewing our eSirius customer base to gain more insight into their pain points.

Our customer base includes private and NIH-funded institutions with large animal facilities and complex needs. Through our interviews, we learned that schedulers had many pain points such as rooms and racks not being assigned, and difficulty managing call outs and PTO. 

We quickly figured out that facilities were spending inordinate amounts of time manually producing forecasts and schedules using cumbersome tools such as Excel spreadsheets and sifting through piles of paper.

RS BubbleIn an effort to develop an electronic tool to solve the pain of facility resource scheduling, we gathered a group of knowledgeable subject matter experts from our customer base. The roles involved included a Facility Manager, a Manager of Husbandry Operations, and an Associate Director of the Facility, and they became the Resource Scheduling Focus Group. With the knowledge from the Focus Group, we set about to make a tool that would automate the scheduling of existing resources in Animal Facilities and forecast future resource requirements, based on trends and projections for staffing needs and animal populations.

Now, two years later, we are proud to announce the release of eSirius Resource Scheduling. A sleek and modern application, Resource Scheduling features the ability to:

  • • Track activities for husbandry, transportation, sanitation, and more;
    • Make quick adjustments to daily events like PTO, call-outs, and overtime;
    • Easily access the entire resource pool and corresponding availability; and
    • Manage drastic shifts in resources due to holidays or emergencies.

  • Ultimately, facilities will gain process efficiency, transparency, managerial metrics reporting, and overall cost savings.


"We are optimistic that the final product will reduce our dependence on paper records, simplify and improve our scheduling process, increase our ability to understand the work that has occurred in our spaces through searches and reporting, and give us forecasting tools to help with staffing levels and schedules."
- Manager of Husbandry Operations, Major Research University

The 68th Annual AALAS National Meeting in Austin, TX marked the official unveiling of eSirius Resource Scheduling to the research community. The reception from attendees was very positive and well beyond our expectations.


If you were not able to attend our booth in Austin or you would like to learn more, sign up to view a live demo of this anticipated application, eSirius Resource Scheduling.

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