9 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Animal Research Software Solution

September 26, 2018

With over 25 years in the Life Sciences industry and more than 400 successful implementations and upgrades of animal research software, NTM knows what matters to our customers. We worked with customers who either converted from paper process and spreadsheets, or upgraded from in-house/custom solutions, or replaced their existing commercial software.

We can all agree that automation is key for your Compliance and Animal Facility operations to accelerate your processes, minimize errors, and help meet compliance regulations. But you wonder, “which software solution is the best for my organization?” With so many options available, here are 9 key factors to consider when choosing the right Animal Research software solution:

  1. Functionality and Industry Alignment
    Look for a comprehensive solution that is based on Life Sciences best practices with built-in features, workflows, tools and reports designed to match your highly-specialized industry.

  2. Configuration
    We know from experience that there are shared industry workflows, but every institution has a unique way of managing them. Therefore, the software solution you choose should be easily adaptable to meet your specific business requirements.

  3. Implementation
    By choosing a software with industry-aligned features and easy configuration capabilities, implementation time, cost, and risks are greatly reduced. The vendor's implementation team should also have a successful track record of delivering software from time of purchase through deployment into production.

  4. User Experience
    Software is as good as its user experience. An intuitive, user friendly software design requires less training, boosts work productivity, and provides a great user experience. A couple of ways to gauge which solution offers an excellent user experience are to view a live comprehensive demo and to solicit feedback from your industry peers.

  5. Performance and Scalability
    The software you choose must provide fast response time to user requests regardless of concurrent users and years of data. It must also be scalable and reliable to accommodate you facility's growth. As your business needs rise, so must the capabilities of your enterprise software.

  6. Integration
    Choose a software solution that can integrate well with your existing systems to help improve your overall facility operation.

  7. Upgrades
    A vendor's continued innovation and expansion of the core software is essential to keep you at the forefront of the latest technology, industry and best practices trends. With that in mind, implementing a solution, where changes do not affect application configuration or your valuable data, can guarantee compatibility with future releases.

  8. Customer Support
    Having a great technology is nothing without great people to support it. Look for vendors that provide ongoing production support and have a proven track record of success in your industry.

  9. Total Cost of Ownership
    When evaluating different vendors, compare the total cost based on a 5-year outlook and the following factors:
    1. Implementation cost including needs analysis, configurations, customizations, interfaces, training, user acceptance testing, and data conversions
    2. Demonstrated implementation project time from start to production roll-out
    3. Software license cost
    4. Annual support fees for licensed software
    5. Impact of future upgrades on your staff, your infrastructure and your data
    6. Consulting with your industry peers specifically about any unforeseen costs

As a general rule of thumb, if your solution implementation requires a change to the source code or if it is custom developed, the more expensive it will be to deploy and support in the future. There are cases where these types of solutions take a long time to develop and consume a lot of your valuable resources.

NTM's eSirius software for Research Compliance and Animal Facility Operations has been designed and proven in the industry to address all 9 key factors:

eSirius animal research software

 works directly out-of-the-box and has built-in best practice workflows, templates, and tools to easily manage its configurations. It is widely-known for its intelligent design, industry aligned components, and excellent user experience which provide seamless functionality in research organizations.
    eSirius can be implemented in any research organization very quickly. In fact, eSirius has the fastest implementation times in the Life Sciences industry due to its powerful, scalable foundations.
    eSirius maintains upgrade integrity and remains responsive regardless of data volume or number of users.
eSirius can streamline your research compliance and operations and provide you with solutions You Can Count On. We would love to partner with you to reach your program goals - schedule a demo with an NTM team member today.
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