Powerful tools to enable grant and protocol congruency for IACUCs.

Once IACUC protocols are approved, your research organization must prove congruency with the grants sponsoring your animal research. To secure the continued funding required, facility staff must be able to paint a clear picture of protocol-related charges at any time.

Save time while increasing billing accuracy with the eSirius Billing application.

With accessibility to exact billing information, researchers can better manage accounts and forecast costs accurately, and the Business Office can easily re-allocate charges across funds prior to period close for greater grant congruency.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.

Benefits of eSirius for Billing

Data Accuracy and Accessibility

Inaccurate information leads to inaccurate billing, which can have a major impact on grants. eSirius compiles and calculates animal purchase charges, service charges, veterinary care charges, and period-to-date care-day charges. eSirius provides on-demand queries of current and historical invoices.

Transparency for Researchers

Research staff can view trial invoices, 6-month rolling final invoices, and expiring accounts on their Financial dashboards. The software also can perform trial and final closes for better forecasting.

Greater Grant/Account Congruency

eSirius helps to ensure grant congruency with a methodical system for easy set-up, split, and general management of accounts. Forecasting of care-day charges and reallocation of charges across accounts help your facility align research projects with grant funding.

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