Animal Inventory Management

Improve census accuracy with Animal Inventory Management process automation.

Animal facilities are greatly affected if they are unable to maintain an accurate count of their laboratory animals, which leads to inaccurate billing and cost recovery. While human error is often the root cause for inaccurate information, this can be resolved by simplifying the tracking of activities and charges with a web-based research management software application.

Better manage your laboratory animal population with eSirius for Animal Inventory Management.

The software gathers and stores accurate real-time data and calculates precise care-day charges. The management of inventory may be decentralized to one or more facilities, resulting in balanced distribution of work, transparency for principal investigators, and improved compliance.

Every eSirius software solution is backed by support from our dedicated Professional Services team.

Benefits of eSirius for Animal Inventory Management

Accurate Real-Time Data

In eSirius, daily census activities occur instantly, providing accurate and up-to-date records about animal inventory. In addition to accurate reporting for compliance and billing purposes, this feature gives principal investigators visibility into their entire census population.

Activations, deactivations, protocol transfers, room transfers, housing-type transfers, account transfers, and activation of weaning cards are a sampling of the types of activities trackable in the application, which can be configured to seamlessly match the activities of your own facility.

Improved Compliance

Your priority is our priority. Helping you stay in compliance is the primary goal of eSirius software. The Animal Inventory Management application specifically aids in compliance with behind-the-scenes protocol debits and credits of animals during census activities, which reduces chance of human error and helps maintain accuracy of animal numbers. Automatic historical tracking of census activities ensures grant and protocol congruency.

Modern User Experience

Top PI talent expects the latest in technology to do their best work. All eSirius research management software applications have an intuitive and sleek user experience and a shared portal, where research staff and key stakeholders can all log onto the same system and work simultaneously.

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