Animal Facility Management

eSirius3G streamlines Animal Facility workflow for Animal Orders, Animal Inventory Management, Services, Billing, Veterinary Care Management, and Resource Scheduling.

Animal Procurement:

Manages entire procurement workflow including; Animal order submission, IACUC compliance, housing assignments, vendor confirmations, delivery schedules, cage card printing, and animal receipts.

Animal Inventory Management:

Real-time animal inventory management including workflow for protocol and room transfers, and online and mobile applications for managing daily activities such as activation, deactivation, litter updates, and physical inventory reconciliation.


Flexible Services setup for invoicing services and items such as husbandry and veterinary care activities, equipment, and supplies.


Manages the accounting period close and generates electronic on-line invoices for animal procurement, animal census, and service charges. A trial-close may be run at any time during the period to produce forecasted invoices to allow review of expected charges.

Veterinary Care Management:

Comprehensive veterinary care workflow management including health reports, treatment scheduling, and on-demand activities for individual animals, groups of animals, or rooms using on-line and mobile applications.

Resource Scheduling:

Automates the scheduling of existing resources in Animal Facilities and forecasts future resource requirements based on trends and projections for staffing needs and animal populations.